Sunday, June 26, 2022

Gyro Fly-In at Whanganui

 Today I drove up to Whanganui to have a look around knowing it was the last day of the Gyro Fly-In held there over the long weekend. Was also nice to meet up with Zac Yates (from A.K.A Handbag blog)

Sadly only 3 gyros were left, but was nice to see those depart back home via Turangi, Taupo and Matamata. There were a few other locals and visitors around, here is what I saw:

Visiting Aircraft:
ZK-JSB Cessna 182Q
ZK-KRA Saab 340A
ZK-LFT Bae Jetstream
ZK-LMO ELA Aviacion ELA-08-R-115
ZK-MKH AutoGyro Cavalon
ZK-OHF AutoGyro Cavalon
ZK-SXN Air Tractor AT-502B

Local Aircraft:
ZK-BTU Piper PA-18
ZK-CTF Cessna 150H
ZK-CTG Cessna 150H
ZK-ELC Cessna A152
ZK-FJD Piper PA-22
ZK-FRS Piper PA-38
ZK-JIP Cessna 172S
ZK-KIT Denney Kitfox II
ZK-LDG AESL Airtourer T6
ZK-LSD Titan T-51
ZK-PEG Pitts S-1E
ZK-PMJ Beech B200
ZK-RWW Skycraft Scout Mk.III
ZK-TJK Micro Aviation Bantam
ZK-WHC Alpi Aviation Pioneer 200

And the pics:

ZK-LFT taxis to the apron after arriving from Wellington on another medical mission

ZK-KRA arriving from Auckland as 3C712

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Dannevirke Dawn Raid 2022

 An overcast day and a few showers on the drive over to Dannevirke this morning. Then at the Airfield it was mostly overcast, very little rain, but with the low cloud base, wasn't expecting much to turn up to the dawn raid.

But a decent amount of hardy pilots still managed to fly over, by my count 21 aircraft decided to come over.

Here is everything I saw:

Visiting Aircraft:
ZK-CBH Cessna 180
ZK-CHH Cessna 150H
ZK-CHL Cessna 185C
ZK-CTF Cessna 150H
ZK-DKM Cessna 172M
ZK-DUQ Piper PA-28
ZK-DXL Cessna 172M
ZK-EBR Sky Arrow 480T
ZK-FRS Piper PA-38
ZK-JIP Cessna 172S
ZK-LDR Van's RV-4
ZK-LGE Cessna 172P
ZK-LLY Tecnam P2004
ZK-LPD Alpi Aviation Pioneer 300
ZK-MMC X-Air Hanuman
ZK-OFC Cessna 182R
ZK-PTP Rans S-7S
ZK-SKO Sky Arrow 480T
ZK-SPO Glasair Sportsman 2+2
ZK-STG TL Ultralight TL-2000
ZK-XPA Maxair Drifter XP503

Local Aircraft:
ZK-DAL Cessna 150G
ZK-DGL Piper PA-28
ZK-EBL Piper PA-28
ZK-IBP Bell 206B
ZK-IDR Aerospatiale AS350
ZK-RIT Neil Hintz Tandem Dominator

And the photos:

A nice surprise to see come in! Maxair Drifter XP503 ZK-XPA

In a new paint scheme since the last time I saw it!

Till the next dawn raid, which should be around late July at Hastings, just waiting on official details!

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Auckland Trip Part 2

 Today was the day of Warbirds on Parade at Ardmore. Woke up to see the weather was cloudy, so was hoping it would stay like that at the very worst. For most of the day it did just that.

So after grabbing breakfast, I drove over to Ardmore and got myself in, took note of what was around, caught up with a couple of spotter friends and then settled in to a nice spot for the days displays.

2/3 of the show went a head as planned, the 3rd and last segment was cancelled due to heavy rain coming in, so the event was cut short by about 2 hours. Despite this, it was a fantastic day and well worth the drive up yesterday.

Instead of my usual list of every aircraft, I will do only those on display and then some highlights of aircraft outside of it:

Display Aircraft:
NZ1403 Beech T-6C Texan II
NZ3618 Kaman SH-2G Seasprite
NZ6208 McDonnell Douglas A-4K (Unregistered)
NZ6471 Aermacchi MB-339CB (Unregistered)
WT346 English Electric Canberra B.2 (Unregistered, marked up as "NZ6102")
ZK-ARS Albatross D.Va replica
ZK-BKW Piper PA-18
ZK-BLI De Havilland Tiger Moth
ZK-BOE Boeing Stearman
ZK-BTL Bristol Scout D replica
ZK-CAG Curtiss P-40N
ZK-CMM Miles M.38 Messenger
ZK-CPG AESL Airtourer T6
ZK-DAK Douglas DC-3C
ZK-DGY Pacific Aerospace Airtrainer
ZK-DPP Percival Proctor I
ZK-EAM Diamond DA.42
ZK-ENE North American Harvard
ZK-ENG North American Harvard
ZK-ENJ North American Harvard
ZK-EZG Dan Rihn DR.107 One Design
ZK-FKD Fokker Dr.1 Triplane replica
ZK-GNW Grob G.109
ZK-IPC Bell 429
ZK-JJA North American Harvard
ZK-MJN North American Harvard
ZK-POL Polikarpov Po-2
ZK-PRK Bristol Fighter F2B replica
ZK-SAR Cessna 182T
ZK-SAX DHC 1 Chipmunk
ZK-SSW Siemens-Schuckert D-IV replica
ZK-TAF North American Mustang
ZK-TVI North American Harvard
ZK-VCM The Vintage Aviator BE2e-1
ZK-VNM De Havilland Venom
ZK-WAR North American Harvard
ZK-WDQ Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IX
ZK-WLM Aero L-39
ZK-XLX Extra EA 300/LC
ZK-XXS Yakovlev Yak-52
ZK-YIK Yakovlev Yak-52

Visiting Aircraft:
ZK-BTC Piper PA-18
ZK-CVI Nanchang CJ-6
ZK-EFB Cessna A185F
ZK-IPB Bell 429
ZK-UFS Piper PA-28
ZK-VHC Aeroprakt A32 (Possible new resident)
ZK-WIT Piper PA-28
ZK-XXI AESL Airtourer T3A
ZK-YAC Yakovlev Yak-52

Local Aircraft:
ZK-CBF Cessna A185F
ZK-COP Piper PA-38
ZK-DNE Piper PA-28
ZK-IBN Bell 206L-4
ZK-IZB Agusta AW169
ZK-MBY Thorp S-18

I took plenty of pictures, so is a handful of my favourite ones!

All 6 WW1 Aircraft based at Ardmore up at once! A truly awesome sight!

ZK-PRK being wing walked back in

ZK-FKD taxiing back in

ZK-SSW taxiing back in

ZK-ARS taxiing back in

ZK-WAR putting on the smoke whilst taxiing back in

ZK-DAK getting airborne for a local joy flight

ZK-IPB "Police 2" doing a quick fly down the runway before vacating

ZK-WDQ taxiing out for her display

ZK-VNM getting airborne for her display

ZK-XLX putting on the smoke whilst getting airborne

5x Harvards doing their famous roaring 40s display

NZ3618 sitting on display

Tomorrow is the trip home. Weather isn't looking very good, so may not be much to blog about if at all, will have to see!

Saturday, June 4, 2022

Auckland Trip Part 1

 Another weekend trip, another early start! But was worth it to be able to beat the traffic and get up to see some aircraft at various airfields in the North Island.

First stop was Taupo, it was quite early so wasn't really anything happening, but here is what I saw anyway:

Visiting Aircraft:
ZK-BYC Fletcher FU-24
ZK-HQD Aerospatiale AS.350
ZK-ILS Robinson R.44

Local Aircraft:
ZK-BPT Cessna 172A
ZK-CEN Jabiru SK80
ZK-CSW Cessna 150G
ZK-DOV Cessna 206
ZK-ELH Cessna 172N
ZK-FPZ DHC 2 Beaver
ZK-HCX MBB Kawasaki Bk.117B-2
ZK-HIC Schweizer 269C
ZK-IAE Aerospatiale AS.350
ZK-KCA Van's RV-8
ZK-SKZ Cessna U206G
ZK-SNZ GAF Nomad G22B (Unregistered)
ZK-TTS Cessna 208
ZK-UWE Cessna 172N

Next stop on the agenda was Hamilton, whilst the weather was much nicer, again there wasn't much going on, but here is what I saw:

Visiting Aircraft:
ZK-BQV Piper PA-18
ZK-BVA DHC 2 Beaver
ZK-CTY Cessna 172S
ZK-FDN Beech C90A
ZK-FDS Beech B200C
ZK-HNP MBB Kawasaki Bk.117B-2
ZK-HYL Bell 206B
ZK-LTT Pacific Aerospace Cresco
ZK-MAE Air Tractor AT-502B
ZK-MCL Cessna 208B
ZK-NSP Piper PA-31
ZK-STV Cessna 421C
ZK-TTL Pacific Aerospace 750XL
ZK-XLC Pacific Aerospace 750XL
ZK-ZZA Beech C90A

Local Aircraft:
ZK-DRQ Cessna 172M
ZK-EGS Fletcher FU-24
ZK-EME Fletcher FU-24 (Unregistered)
ZK-JGP Cessna 172M
ZK-JLU Fletcher FU-24 (Unregistered)
ZK-KOH Mitsubishi Mu.2
ZK-MAA Air Tractor AT-502B
ZK-UFS Piper PA-28
ZK-WCD Alpha R2160
ZK-WIT Piper PA-28
ZK-WKF Cessna 172S
ZK-TSD Piper PA-34

Grabbed a couple of pictures:

Next stop was Te Kowhai

Whilst there were less aircraft, it was the busiest airfield so far, so here is what I saw:

Visiting Aircraft:
ZK-EVE Tecnam P2002
ZK-VHC Aeroprakt A32
ZK-WCF Tecnam P92

Local Aircraft:
N5JP Cessna 150G
ZK-AZL Douglas DC-3C (Unregistered)
ZK-JCK Rand Kar Xair
ZK-MJK Flylight Airsports Skyranger Swift 2
ZK-WPR Micro Aviation Bantam
ZK-ZYZ Micro Aviation Bantam

And a few pictures:

Last stop for the day was Ardmore and oh boy was it busy, plenty of private aircraft out, all the flying clubs going non stop and to top it off, the warbirds out practicing for tomorrow's show, which I am looking forward to!

Here is the big load of aircraft I saw:

Visiting Aircraft:
ZK-FHQ Piper PA-28
ZK-FNA Piper PA-28
ZK-HEP MBB Kawasaki BK117B-2
ZK-IJA Robinson R.44
ZK-MAP Cessna 402B
ZK-TFL Pilatus PC.12

Local Aircraft:
A94-922 Canadair F-86 Sabre (Unregistered)
JA7620 Sikorsky S.76C
ZK-ARS Albatros D.Va replica
ZK-BFK Cessna 120
ZK-BKD Piper PA-18
ZK-BKW Piper PA-18
ZK-BLT Cessna 170B
ZK-BOE Boeing Stearman
ZK-BUD Cessna 152
ZK-CAG Curtiss P-40N
ZK-CAM Piper PA-31
ZK-CPG AESL Airtourer T6
ZK-CXG Cessna 150H
ZK-CZZ Cessna A150L
ZK-DAJ Cessna 305A
ZK-DAK Douglas DC-3C
ZK-DFH Cessna 172L
ZK-DIR Piper PA-23
ZK-DOT Piper PA-28
ZK-EAM Diamond DA.42
ZK-EAN Diamond DA.42
ZK-EBQ Piper PA-28
ZK-EFP Piper PA-28
ZK-ENJ North American Harvard
ZK-EOX Cessna 172N
ZK-ETZ Cessna 152
ZK-EVG Piper PA-38
ZK-EVL Piper PA-38
ZK-EZG Dan Rihn DR-107 One Design
ZK-FGD Cessna 152
ZK-FKD Fokker Dr.1 Triplane replica
ZK-FLH Cessna A152
ZK-FRL Piper PA-28
ZK-HJR Robinson R.22
ZK-HKZ MBB Kawasaki BK117B-2
ZK-HLH Leonardo AW169
ZK-HNG Robinson R.44
ZK-HPX Aerospatiale AS.332L
ZK-HRP Aerospatiale AS.332L
ZK-IDK Aerospatiale AS.350
ZK-IRR Guimbal G2
ZK-JBL Cessna A152
ZK-JDB Cessna A152
ZK-JED Beech 76
ZK-JJA North American Harvard
ZK-JMC Cessna 172S
ZK-JME Diamond DA.40
ZK-JMY Cessna 172S
ZK-JPT Van's RV-7
ZK-JRA Cessna 172S
ZK-JRG Cessna 172S
ZK-JSP Cessna 172S
ZK-KAS Cessna 172N
ZK-LNU Cessna 172R
ZK-LVA Van's RV-7
ZK-MIL Piper PA-28
ZK-MJN North American Harvard
ZK-MXS MX Aircraft MXS
ZK-NTV Piper PA-30
ZK-PRK Bristol Fighter F2B replica
ZK-PRV Van's RV-6
ZK-RJD Piper PA-28
ZK-RMM Mooney M.20C
ZK-RQY Cessna 172R
ZK-RVS Van's RV-7
ZK-SAR Cessna 182T
ZK-SAX DHC 1 Chipmunk
ZK-SFC Piper PA-34
ZK-SFK Britten-Norman BN2A
ZK-SKC Cessna 162
ZK-SSW Siemans-Schuckert D-IV replica
ZK-SVI Cessna 404
ZK-SWW Zenair CH601XL
ZK-SWX Cessna 172S
ZK-SWY Alpha R2160
ZK-TAP Cessna 172R
ZK-TAQ Cessna 172R
ZK-TAV Cessna 172R
ZK-TJL Cessna 172N
ZK-TOY Corby CJ-1 Starlet
ZK-TVI North American Harvard
ZK-UAT Cessna 172R
ZK-VGS Van's RV-6
ZK-VLF Van's RV-12
ZK-VNZ Van's RV-6
ZK-VRR Beech A36
ZK-WAG Piper PA-38
ZK-WAR North American Harvard
ZK-WLK Van's RV-8
ZK-WLL Van's RV-7
ZK-XXS Yakovlev Yak-52
ZK-YGL Corby CJ-1 Starlet
ZK-ZAQ Cessna 172S
ZK-ZAT Cessna 172R

With the rushing around to get everything, I forgot to grab many photos, here is one I got, promise there will be more tomorrow!