Sunday, May 28, 2023

Feilding Dawn Raid

 A bit of an early start of 5:30am, meant getting to Feilding about 7am and what a stunning it was or a dawn raid. Unlike the Waipukurau dawn raid, there was no fog, so everyone was able to come in straight away!

Aircraft came from various places and was great to see them and a load of the locals come outside.

Here is everything I saw:

Visiting Aircraft:
ZK-BAQ Auster J1B
ZK-BEF De Havilland DH 82A Tiger Moth
ZK-BPM Piper PA-18A-150
ZK-CBH Cessna 180
ZK-CFT Sud Aviation Gardan GY80-150
ZK-CJE Bolkow Junior
ZK-CXB Gardan GY-20 Minicab
ZK-DAL Cessna 150G
ZK-DBZ Zenair CH 601-HDS
ZK-DGL Piper PA-28-180
ZK-DGO Piper PA-28-180
ZK-DKF Tecnam P92 Echo Mk II
ZK-DOY Tecnam P2002 Sierra
ZK-DRU Cessna 177B
ZK-EBL Piper PA-28-140
ZK-EKG Cessna 172N
ZK-FGJ Cessna 172P
ZK-FMP Cessna 172M
ZK-FNA Piper PA-28-181
ZK-FPI Cessna 152
ZK-FRS Piper PA-38-112
ZK-JDL Stoddard-Hamilton SH-2 Glasair TD
ZK-JDP Rans S-6S Coyote II
ZK-JIP Cessna 172S
ZK-KMA Tecnam P92 Echo Super
ZK-KMC Cessna 172M
ZK-LJG Cessna A185E
ZK-MAE Air Tractor AT-502B
ZK-MMJ Miller M1-Superchamp
ZK-PFL Tecnam P92 Echo Super
ZK-RVH Vans RV-4
ZK-SCA Zlin Aviation Savage
ZK-SXL Air Tractor AT-602
ZK-WHC Alpi Aviation Pioneer 200
ZK-WRA Tecnam P2002-JF
ZK-YGG AutoGyro Calidus
ZK-YUG Gippsland GA8-TC 320 (Heavy Maintenance)

Local Aircraft:
ZK-BEB Cessna 195
ZK-CBM Cessna 172S
ZK-CHH Cessna 150D
ZK-CHI Cessna 150D
ZK-DBG Titan T51 Mustang
ZK-DEM Cessna 310Q
ZK-DXL Cessna 172M
ZK-EHP Cessna A150M
ZK-EJV Cessna A152
ZK-EMK Cessna 180K
ZK-EOJ Cessna 152
ZK-FHB Jodel D.11
ZK-FWB Light Miniature LM-1
ZK-FXG Micro Aviation B22 Bantam
ZK-JBS Robertson B1-RD
ZK-JBU Cessna 152
ZK-JOS Aerostar 601
ZK-JSG Cessna 172M
ZK-KEM Pitts S-1D Special
ZK-KFA Tecnam P2002 Sierra
ZK-KVZ Cessna U206G
ZK-LLY Tecnam P2004 Bravo
ZK-MBI Piper PA-34-220T
ZK-MEJ Piper PA-22-108
ZK-MKV Sling Aircraft Sling 4 TSi
ZK-MMC X-Air Hanuman
ZK-MSW Cal Parker Teenie Two (Not yet Registered)
ZK-NWY Aviat A-1C-180
ZK-OFC Cessna 182R
ZK-PAY Pterodactyl Ascender II+2
ZK-PMC Piper PA-24-260
ZK-PMD SPA Panther
ZK-PNL VPM VPM M16 Tandem Trainer
ZK-PPP Percival Provost T Mk 1
ZK-RVT Vans RV-10
ZK-SKO Sky Arrow 480T
ZK-SLN Sling Aircraft Sling 4 TSi
ZK-SLR Jabiru Jabiru J230
ZK-STG TL-Ultralight TL-2000 Sting
ZK-SXN Air Tractor AT-502B
ZK-TEC Cessna 177B
ZK-THK Tim Bygate Tiger Hawk
ZK-TRD Tecnam P92 Echo
ZK-UDY Zenair Zenith CH-200
ZK-UPX Piper PA-34-220T (Unregistered)
ZK-USK Aviat A-1C-180
ZK-XPA Maxair Drifter XP503
ZK-ZOT Zenair Zodiac 601 UL

Then a few photos from the morning:

Nice to see ZK-PFL again, been a while!

First time getting a picture in this livery.

First time getting a picture of this aircraft!

A new one for me!

One I haven't seen in many years! Always good to see a straight tail Cessna!

Lovely to see ZK-BEB outside once again, always nice to see a radial!

A very good day in all, seeing all these aircraft and catching up with friends. Looking forward to Dannevirke in 3 weeks time!

Sunday, May 14, 2023

Waipukurau Dawn Raid 2023

An early start for me of 4:30am today to get over to Waipukurau for their annual dawn raid. The drive over was good with mostly blue skies, till hitting about Norsewood where heavy fog was. I hoped it was just a small patch, but it went all the way to Waipukurau.

So sent out a warning to a few of the pilots coming over that it was fogged out. The fog didn't start clearing up for a couple of hours and by mid-morning was completely gone and so all the aircraft started heading over, mostly from Dannevirke where they were waiting. A good day in all despite the fog and about 35 aircraft flew in for the Fly-In.

Here is everything I saw:

Visiting Aircraft:
ZK-ADT De Havilland DH 60G Gipsy
ZK-BEF De Havilland DH 82A Tiger Moth
ZK-CBH Cessna 180
ZK-CHG Nanchang CJ-6
ZK-CHL Cessna 185C
ZK-CTF Cessna 150H
ZK-DBG Titan T51 Mustang
ZK-DLY Cessna A185F
ZK-DSK Piper PA-28-151
ZK-DXL Cessna 172M
ZK-EBL Piper PA-18-140
ZK-EBR Sky Arrow 480T
ZK-EKG Cessna 172N
ZK-FRS Piper PA-38-112
ZK-IRJ Bell 206B
ZK-JIP Cessna 172S
ZK-JKA Cessna 172R
ZK-JPC Cessna TU206A
ZK-JQY Maule MXT-7-180
ZK-JTC Piper PA-38-112
ZK-LDL Gardan GY-20 Minicab
ZK-LKA R & B Bearhawk
ZK-LLY Tecnam P2004 Bravo
ZK-LMW Cessna 180B
ZK-LPD Alpi Aviation Pioneer 300
ZK-MWM Piper PA-28-181
ZK-NEX Sonex
ZK-RJK Gardan GY-20 Minicab
ZK-RVH Vans RV-4
ZK-RZB Zenith Zodiac CH 601-XL
ZK-SCA Zlin Aviation Savage
ZK-SKO Sky Arrow 480T
ZK-SLN Sling Aircraft Sling 4 TSi
ZK-THK Tim Bygate Tiger Hawk
ZK-ULL Cavalier SA.102.5
ZK-WAJ Piper PA-38-112

Local Aircraft:
ZK-AGD Piper J-2
ZK-ARL De Havilland Canada DHC-1A-1
ZK-ATO Auster J1B (Unregistered)
ZK-BQL Auster J5
ZK-CBN Druine Turbulent
ZK-CJB Bolkow Junior
ZK-DHZ Jodel D9
ZK-DJQ Jodel D.11
ZK-DWO Cessna 172M
ZK-EDA Evans VP-1 (Unregistered)
ZK-ETJ Cessna A152
ZK-FEQ Ultralight Mirage Mk.II (Unregistered)
ZK-FJC Aerodyne Vector 610 (Unregistered)
ZK-FNT Cessna 172E
ZK-JDP Rans S-6S Coyote II
ZK-JFT Johnston Sky Bird  (Unregistered)
ZK-JLD Micro Aviation B10 Bantam
ZK-JVW First Strike Bobcat (Unregistered)
ZK-KSS Piper PA-18S-105
ZK-MYT Bruce Walker Custom/Skylark
ZK-RDL First Strike Bobcat
ZK-TWO Rand KR-2

Then a few photos from the morning:

Not part of the Fly-In, but nice to see nonetheless.

A welcome surprise, nice to finally see it whole!

Recently re-registered from ZK-RWC

Another recently re-registered, from ZK-PAI.

Afterwards went and had a look round Hastings, quite a bit going on and some of the Waipukurau fly-in attendees were returning.

Here is what I saw:

Visiting Aircraft:
ZK-CTE Cessna 150H
ZK-ENE North American Harvard 3*
ZK-HEU Hughes 269B
ZK-HKU Sikorsky EH-60A
ZK-HTP KHI Kawasaki-Hughes 369HS
ZK-IRJ Bell 206B
ZK-THB Cessna 172S

Local Aircraft:
ZK-ADT De Havilland DH 60G Gipsy
ZK-BRO Piper PA-18A-150
ZK-BSP Cessna 180
ZK-CDK Aero Commander 680-F
ZK-CHG Nanchang CJ-6
ZK-DFL Piper PA-28-180
ZK-DSK Piper PA-28-151
ZK-FTZ Staaken Flitzer Z-21a
ZK-FQQ Piper PA-28-181
ZK-FWK Cessna A152
ZK-GYP PZL-Swidnik PW-5 "Smyk"
ZK-HLQ Hughes 269A
ZK-HOI Airbus Helicopters AS 350 B2
ZK-IJG Airbus Helicopters AS 350 BA
ZK-ITG Kawasaki BK117 B-2
ZK-JHF Piper PA-38-112
ZK-JKA Cessna 172R
ZK-JTC Piper PA-38-112
ZK-KRT Rand KR-2
ZK-RJH Cessna 180D
ZK-RVH Vans RV-4
ZK-RZB Zenith Zodiac CH 601-XL
ZK-SCA Zlin Aviation Savage
ZK-SMB Vans RV-12
ZK-TLP Pazmany PL-2
ZK-VIX Bellanca 17-30A

And a couple of pictures:

Always good to see Rose!

A nice surprise, one i haven't seen in many years and was completely black last time I saw!

Then did a quick visit up to Napier where not much was happening.

This is what I saw:

Visiting Aircraft:
ZK-DVF Maule M-5-210C
ZK-FDS Beech 200C
ZK-SDD Cessna 208B
ZK-WTA Grumman G-164B

Local Aircraft:
ZK-BZZ Morane-Saulnier MS 880B
ZK-ELK Piper PA-32-260
ZK-EUD NZ Aerospace FU24-954
ZK-MSL Piper PA-34-200T
ZK-NPR Piper PA-31
ZK-ROW Cessna 208B
ZK-WUG Piper PA-34-200T

Last stop of the day was Dannevirke on the way home, nothing happening and only noted these locals:

ZK-DAL Cessna 150G
ZK-DAN Cessna 177B
ZK-DGL Piper PA-28-180
ZK-EBL Piper PA-28-140

A really good day in the end, even without the fog, bring on the Feilding Dawn Raid in 2 weeks' time!

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Lower North Island round trip 16-4-22

 Having seen the weather was looking good, decided on doing a nice trip up to Feilding and down to Masterton.

I had pre-arranged meeting with some of the local aircraft owners, but was nice to see a load of activity at Feilding, here is what I saw:

Visiting Aircraft:
ZK-DSK Piper PA-28-151
ZK-WBL Cessna A185F

Local Aircraft:
ZK-AWH Auster J1B
ZK-BZB Piper PA-28-160
ZK-CBM Cessna 172S
ZK-CPP Mooney M20C
ZK-CWJ Alpi Aviation Pioneer Jay Hawk
ZK-DUQ Piper PA-28-180
ZK-DXL Cessna 172M
ZK-EBR Meteor S.p.A Sky Arrow 480T
ZK-EJV Cessna A152
ZK-EMK Cessna 180K
ZK-ENB North American Harvard 3*
ZK-EOJ Cessna 152
ZK-EYI Ultralight Mirage
ZK-FWB Light Miniature LM-1
ZK-FXG Micro Aviation B22 Bantam
ZK-JBU Cessna 152
ZK-KFA Tecnam P2002 Sierra
ZK-KOS Rans S-9 Chaos
ZK-LJI Piper PA-28-181
ZK-LLY Tecnam P2004 Bravo
ZK-MBI Piper PA-34-220T
ZK-MMC X-Air Hanuman
ZK-PGU Cirrus Design SR22
ZK-PMD SPA Panther
ZK-RVT Vans RV-10
ZK-SKO Meteor S.p.A Sky Arrow 480T
ZK-SLH Jabiru J160
ZK-SLN Sling Aircraft Sling 4 TSi
ZK-SMJ Rand KR-2 (Unregistered)
ZK-SPO Glasair Sportsman 2+2
ZK-STG TL Ultralight TL-2000 Sting
ZK-SVG ICP Savannah
ZK-THK Tim Bygate Tiger Hawk
ZK-TRD Tecnam P.92 Echo
ZK-TRO Cessna T210R
ZK-UDY Zenair Zenith CH-200
ZK-USK Aviat A-1C-180
ZK-XPA Maxair Drifter XP503
ZK-ZOT Zenair Zodiac 601

And a few photos from today:

Recently moved over from Takaka. A very nice looking Auster!

First time getting a proper look at this Light Miniature!

A pleasant surprise to see being moved in to the Flying Club hangar, soon to be flying again!

After a couple of hours of catching up with people, decided to see what was going on at Masterton. Sadly there wasn't anything happening, but did see these local aircraft:

ZK-CJG Bolkow Bo 208 C Junior
ZK-DOY Tecnam P2002 Sierra
ZK-JBX Piper PA-38-112
ZK-LGT Akrotech G200
ZK-LTQ Pacific Aerospace Cresco 08-600
ZK-MBO Piper PA-44-180T
ZK-WRA Tecnam P2002-JF

Last stop was the nearby Glider strip at Papawai, where a bit of activity was happening. Here's the gliders I saw:

ZK-GMB Grob Astir CS 77
ZK-GNB Glaser-Dirks DG-100G ELAN
ZK-GTR Stemme S 10-VT
ZK-GUS Schempp-Hirth Arcus T
ZK-GVA Glaser-Dirks DG-400
ZK-GZY Schempp-Hirth Ventus 2cT

Not too bad a day, no new aircraft for me, but nice to catch up with a few people.

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Wairarapa Balloon Festival

 Originally, I was planning on going to Classic Fighters at Omaka over the weekend, sadly those plans fell through.

So, for the last week, I have been keeping an eye on the weather for the Wairarapa to judge if it would be good enough for the Balloon festival to go ahead. It was very on and off, but yesterday it looked promising for today and the organizers announced their intentions to let them fly.

So, I risked it and got up at 4am this morning for the drive over to Martinborough, where they were planning on lifting off at the golf course. At 6:30am the go ahead was given, so everyone got to work inflating the balloons. The first one lifted off just before 7am.

Was nice to see a total of 18 balloons get up and head towards Featherston way.

Here are the ones I saw:

G-OPAW Cameron Z-105
N9129V Aerostar S-52A
ZK-FAA Kubicek BB30Z
ZK-FAI Boland 38-8
ZK-FAN Thunder and Colt AX8-90 Series II
ZK-FBA Kavanagh C-77
ZK-FRE Kavanagh D-84
ZK-KKH Cameron O-65
ZK-LAR Cameron C-80
ZK-LOP Boland 52-12
ZK-OAK Cameron Z-275
ZK-PNG Ultramagic H-77
ZK-PPI Cameron C-70
ZK-RYZ Kavanagh C-77
ZK-SEL Cameron N-90
ZK-UCF Kubicek BB20E
ZK-WBC Cameron Z-90
ZK-ZVE Cameron N-133

The only special shape, buster the dog! G-OPAW, a new one for me!

N9129V, also new for me.

ZK-FAA, new one for me!

ZK-FAN new one for me!

ZK-FRE, remember seeing that registration on a 737! New one for me

ZK-UCF, new one for me!

ZK-WBC, new one for me!

ZK-ZVE, my last new one!

Just had to get this shot, just through the trees, showing 12/18 of the attending balloons!

Was fun chasing them to Featherston, but an incredible sight to see in the sky as I was driving home. I didn't see where they landed, but at a guess it was towards Lake Domain reserve at the top of Lake Wairarapa.

Currently i'm planning on going up to Whanganui on Monday in hopes of catching the Classic Fighters aircraft on their way home. Most of the aircraft dropped in for fuel there on way down to the airshow, so hope they do same on the reverse!

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Bill Bennett Memorial Fly-In at Turangi

 Today the Turangi Aero Club held a BBQ lunch fly-in in association with the late Bill Bennett's memorial.

The weather was really good at Turangi and the drive up was mostly fine all the way up. Apparently cloud and rain most likely heeded aircraft arriving from up north, but there was still a number of aircraft that flew in for the event.

Here is what I saw:

Local Aircraft:
ZK-FCW Cessna 172H
ZK-HKH Aerocopter AK1-3M
ZK-OFB Bowers Flybaby (Unregistered)
ZK-XRD Vans RV-3

Visiting Aircraft:
ZK-CDY Cessna 180A
ZK-DAN Cessna 177B
ZK-DKM Cessna 172M
ZK-DUQ Piper PA-28-180
ZK-DXL Cessna 172M
ZK-DYC Cavalier SA.102.5
ZK-FRS Piper PA-38-112
ZK-JAB Jabiru J230
ZK-JIP Cessna 172S
ZK-OHF AutoGyro Cavalon
ZK-OUZ Zenair CH701
ZK-MAL Ultravia Pelican Club GS
ZK-RBE AutoGyro MTOsport
ZK-RKK Paul scherrer KB3
ZK-SLN Sling Aircraft Sling 4 TSi
ZK-SXR Sonex
ZK-THK Tim Bygate Tiger Hawk
ZK-WHC Alpi Aviation Pioneer 200
ZK-YGG AutoGyro Calidus
ZK-ZOT Zenair Zodiac 601 UL

And then some photos from the day:

Nice to finally see ZK-DYC, also in a new scheme, note the registration on tail coming off due to it only being tape

My only new one from the event, certainly a unique helicopter!

Sunday, February 26, 2023

Masterton 26-02-2023

 This weekend was supposed to be Wings over Wairarapa, but due to the focus on relief efforts post Cyclone Gabrielle the Decision to postpone the event till November was made this week. 

Despite this, I saw the weather was nice so decided to head out anyway and it paid off, since the Vintage Aviator collection was out and plenty of action was happening.

Here is what I saw:

Visiting Aircraft:
ZK-EBH Piper PA-28-151
ZK-FRJ Pitts S-1S
ZK-HKR Bell 206B
ZK-PUG Pitts S-1S

Local Aircraft:
ZK-ACU Avro 504K
ZK-ANQ De Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth
ZK-BAT De Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth
ZK-BCZ De Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth
ZK-BFR Royal Aircraft BE2F
ZK-BFS De Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth
ZK-BRI Bristol Fighter F2B
ZK-CBE The Vintage Aviator BE2c-1L
ZK-CHJ Micro Aviation B22 Bantam
ZK-CIM Stoddard-Hamilton Glastar
ZK-COR Goodyear FG-1D
ZK-CXB Gardan GY-20 Minicab
ZK-DHA De Havilland American DH-4 Replica
ZK-DOY Tecnamm P.2002 Sierra
ZK-DVA The Vintage Aviator Albatros DVa-1
ZK-EAY Hanriot HD.1
ZK-FEE The Vintage Aviator FE2b-1
ZK-FEV Fokker D.VIII Replica
ZK-FLY EAA Acro Sport II
ZK-FOD Fokker D.VII Replica
ZK-HHN Rotorway Exec 162F
ZK-JAB Jabiru J230
ZK-JBX Piper PA-38-112
ZK-JEE Micro Aviation B22 Bantam
ZK-JIM ICP Savannah S
ZK-JMU Sopwith Camel Replica
ZK-JNB Albatros D.II Replica
ZK-JOE Taylor Monoplane
ZK-JOF Pacific Aerospace Cresco 08-600
ZK-JOK Fokker Triplane Replica Scout
ZK-LEZ Rutan Long-Ez
ZK-LGT Akrotech G200
ZK-LVG L.V.G. C.VI Replica
ZK-MBO Piper PA-44-180T
ZK-NIM Nieuport XI Replica
ZK-PPD The Vintage Aviator Sopwith Pup
ZK-PPY The Vintage Aviator Sopwith Pup
ZK-REK The Vintage Aviator RE8-1
ZK-RMA Vans RV-10
ZK-SBY The Vintage Aviator Sopwith 7F1 Snipe
ZK-SDL Sopwith Camel F.1
ZK-SOP Sopwith Triplane Replica
ZK-SXM Air Tractor AT-502B
ZK-TUX Just Aircraft SuperSTOL
ZK-WRA Tecnam P2002-JF
ZK-ZEP The Vintage Aviator BE12-1

And the pics:

ZK-DHA taxiing in

ZK-FEV getting towed back in

ZK-JNB taxiing back in

ZK-SOP taxiing back in

ZK-ANQ taxiing back in

ZK-BRI taxiing out for a flight

ZK-ZEP taxiing out for a flight

ZK-SBY taxiing out for a flight

A wonderful day out and a big thanks to the team for allowing me through the hangar, was awesome to see the corsair again!

Thursday, February 9, 2023

South Island Trip #7

 Another nice day here in Blenheim, so a day watching the action from the National Comps at Omaka.

Sadly, spectators at the grid were not allowed, so photos were very limited. I did get a few and here is everything different I saw from previous Omaka visits on this trip:

Visiting Aircraft:
ZK-BJX Cessna 180
ZK-EZG DR-107 One Design
ZK-KPD Alpi Aviation Pioneer 300
ZK-LTW Pacific Aerospace Cresco 08-600
ZK-UNB Cessna A152
ZK-VMC Europa Europa XS

Local Aircraft:
ZK-DMN Isaacs Fury II
ZK-DOG Cessna O-1G
ZK-HJI Bell 206B
ZK-IDS Hughes 369E
ZK-ITJ Airbus Helicopters AS 350 B2
ZK-PPG Tecnam P96 Golf

A very nice surprise to see outside, looking absolutely stunning!

Also nice to see outside, Avro Anson ZK-RRA

Last surprise of the day, coming in very briefly for a drop off before returning home to Nelson.

Plan for tomorrow is to have one last look at Omaka in morning before heading over to Nelson and Motueka.